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The Essential Oils by GC/MS database was born over 40 years ago, when Professor Robert P. Adams began his research on terpenes, and generated the Adams Library with his research and the contributions of dozens of respected plant biologists around the world.

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Available Formats

The database and demo version of the Essential Oil Components by GCMS database are available in 19 different mass spec file formats.

FarHawk is offering it for sale in either Agilent ChemStation or NIST-compatible formats.

If you wish to evaluate the database, a demo version, available in all formats, is available on request. Please fill in the form below and a download link will be provided in 24 hours.

Is Your Component in the Database?

All 2205 components are listed in a searchable appendix.

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Would You Like the E-Book?

Robert Adams has consistently updated the companion book to the database. The current edition, "Identification of Essential Oil Components by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry", ed. 4.1, contains all of the spectra, retention times, structures, and synonomy of the searchable database.

Although the database has carefully cataloged precise spectra and retention times for identification, the human eye is a powerful confirmation tool. The book is an additional important identification tool with the database.

The published book is out of print. The e-book is available for free, in appreciation to the many colleagues who have contributed to the Adams Library. Click on the button to request your free e-book.

Would you Like to Learn More about the Author, Robert Adams?

Electronic copies of Prof. Adams publications are available by clicking here.

To order your copy of the 4th edition of "Junipers of the World: The genus Juniperus", click here 

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The database is available in NIST and Agilent ChemStation formats.

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